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How Can Advertising Translation Help In Building A Global Brand Image?

Advertising translation focuses solely on the translation of advertisements for the sake of globalization. It also represents a brand’s image that every customer is important to it despite the language and cultural barriers. This article covers some points that depict how advertising translation can enhance any brand’s image in the international market.

  1. What is Advertising Translation?

In simple words, advertisement translation is the conversion of ads content from one language to another for the sake of making the content accessible to a greater number of people. Advertisements are the building blocks of every brand marketing and promotions strategy for a foreign region. They attract customers with catchy slogans and taglines. There are different types of advertisements that brands conduct in order to get a better reach of the audience. These types include social media ads, video ads, display ads, and many more. 

The purpose of these ads and their translation is to enhance the spectrum of business. For example, the soft drink, Pepsi, originated in the United States. However, in Saudi Arabia, it is called Bebsi because of the language difference. On the billboards in Saudi, the ad Pepsi is written as Bebsi. Despite having a language barrier, Pepsi didn’t stop its advertising and that is why it is the most flourishing business today. These services are part of a translation company where the whole purpose is to build a strong global image.

1.1. Key Role of Advertising Translation

Advertising translation services have a direct link with globalization. It helps different businesses to build their brand’s image and spread awareness to the masses. It is an effective and important role of advertising translation that businesses that once started very small from scratch are today operating on the international scale. Kentucky Fried Chicken, aka, KFC, was founded by Colonel Harland Sanders at the age of 62 in 1952. But, it was after the 1960s that the food chain got global awareness and that is when the business flourished. Today, more than 147 countries have opened KFC branches and the whole business is just getting wider and wider.

  1. Importance of a Great Global Brand Image

A greater global brand image enhances the sales and revenue of the business. The brand gets a spot in the international market as more and more people can get its product and services. Brands create products and offer services to consumers. The global acceptance of a brand also depends on the fact that whether users were able to understand it or not. A brand gets global acceptance when its message reaches people and they understand it.

  1. How Advertising Translation Helps in Building A Strong Global Brand Image?

Not everybody in the world speaks the same language. Language and cultural barriers are the most common hurdles whenever people at a larger scale are in focus. It is the advertising translation that helps businesses to reach the general audience and helps in building and maintaining a strong global brand image.

3.1. The Challenge of Cultural Diversity

Advertising translation takes great benefit from localization practices and shoots for a great audience. Cultures differ from each other on the basis of their beliefs and norms. Translation and localization helps in transmitting the message of the brand i.e. by using cultural symbolism to attract people.

3.2. Keeps the Original Message Intact

The center point of advertising translation is to keep the original feel of the message intact. Often during translation, the message that businesses, like to deliver, is lost. It is an advertising translation that imparts the same message that an advertiser tries to present in the original text. Advertisements attract customers through different offers and discounts. Brands show their presence in the consumer market by translating advertisements for different cultures.

3.3. Huge Market Size

Advertising translations give brands access to huge markets. By advertising translation, brands depict an image of “common for all”. When people from different cultures realize how important they are for a brand, this increases the brand’s loyalty and promotes a good reputation in a foreign market.

3.4. The Gigantic Role of Emotions

Emotions also play a great role in the consumer market. Businesses that put forward the needs of their customers are most likely to escalate. Advertising translation gives people an idea that their language and culture are important for international brands. Such advertisements are more viewed and noticed by customers.

  1. Takeaways

Advertising translation enables businesses to reach out to a greater audience. The most important factor of advertising translation is knowing the needs of the customers and then delivering services according to that. This type of translation makes sure that despite the language barrier, the intended message reaches the audience.