Bali: The Indonesian “Island of Gods” and Paradise to Spirituality

A Real Paradise on Earth:
When it comes to Bali, the travelers just say one word, “Paradise”. Now the question arises in those
minds who have never ever visited Bali. Is Bali a real wonderland? Is it a worthy place to visit for the
holidays? This article is all about Bali and its explorations. From luscious beach bars to surf spots and
world-famous paddy fields to impressive waterfalls. Bali is known as the “island of gods” because
Bali is a true place of spirituality. You can explore varieties of cultures, customs, religions, and
appreciations. You can enjoy a life full of happiness and with a smile in Bali. Bali gives a special
phenomenon of peace, joy, and colorful life. Bali has wonderful nature and wild monkeys in ultimate
jungles and a calm oasis. It has colorful shrines and ultimate culture.

The beautiful paddy fields are fantastically complemented by coastlines and neighboring islands. The
spectacular cliffs, long beaches, and bouncing music in Canggu. You can explore so many new things
at all places in Bali. The incredibility of Bali proves that it is a true place of Paradise. There is so
much more to discover. This article is all about the exploration of holidays to Bali.

Explorations of Bali:
Bali has elevated its status to one of the best holiday destinations in the world. The luscious islands
and captivated imaginations tempt the travelers to explore more in Bali. Best waterfalls, underwater
snorkeling, vast cities, and luxury stays can be experienced in Bali.

Waterfalls in Bali:
Waterfalls in Bali are the most incredible ones. Bali is a small island with more than 50 waterfalls.
These waterfalls are of different sizes and shapes. You can explore these islands within two days. The
famous waterfalls are Nungnung Waterfall, Leke Leke Waterfall, Banyumala Twin Waterfall,
Sekumpul Waterfall, Aling Aling Waterfall, and Gitgit Waterfall, there are so many others but these
are famous of all.

Rice Terrace:
Ubud in Bali is a valley of rice paddies. The Tegalalang Rice Terraces are jaw-dropping rice paddies.
The best time to visit Tegalalang is morning time, you will feel the real freshness in the air at that
time. This place is just a 2o minute drive away from Ubud. You can experience the fun of Bali swing
in Rice Terrace.

Canggu, Bali:
This is worth visiting the town of Bali, it is a popular destination with hipster cafes, restaurants, beach
bars, Indian oceans, and yoga studios. People enjoy the sun going down from the bustling beaches
there. You can enjoy Canggu completely by getting a guide on a holiday to Bali. You can enjoy
surfing on the black sand beaches of Canggu, Bali. Nusa Clay Club gives you next-level fun in
learning pottery.

Bali offers fun places, luxury hotels, and resorts for a living. You can select the hotel or resort
according to your budget. but you must have a proper guide of living places in Bali before heading
towards it. Some of the famous and most luxurious Bali resorts and hotels are;

Eco Six Resort Bali:
Eco Six Resort Bali is located in Tampaksiring, this resort features a view of the garden and pool. It
offers luxury to the guests with several facilities of WiFi, a swimming pool, and a hot tub. You can
find entertainment systems, coffee machines, and fridges in each room. The resort is clean and
hygienic. It is near the monkey forest and Saraswati temple, and the international airport.

Sebatu Sanctuary Eco-Resort in Bali:
The resort gives the landscape of Bali Jungle with luxury tents and a view of enchanting rice terraces.
The resort is eco-friendly which welcomes the guests with warm wishes and all of them to live

Pelangi Bali Hotel & Spa
This modern architecture hotel gives the vibe of Balinese and modernism. It is situated on Seminyak
Beach. It offers WIFI, a beachfront resort, and a service spa. The hotel has also an outdoor pool. The
main feature involves rooms and private balconies with Balinese accents and minibars in rooms.

Final Words:
Bali offers everything like spirituality and cultural charm. Bali has everything for all the visitors. it
offers surfing, sandy beaches, beautiful rice terraces, islands, and volcanic mountains. Bali has so
much to explore. You can list so many things when planning to visit Bali. You have to figure out the
preference for the areas in Bali. This article has highlighted the places to stay in Bali, their amenities,
and fun places to visit. Bali offers authentic scrumptious food, the culture of Bali, naturally green
beauty, and breathtaking beach package holidays. Bali has great nightlife, you can party all night in
the bars and pubs. This is up to you to select the hotels and fun activities on a budget.