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Who Buys Old Cars that Don’t Work?

When it comes to old cars that don’t work anymore, it can be challenging to find someone who wants to buy them. However, there are still options available for those looking to get rid of their non-running vehicles. In this article, cash for cars Aspley will explore some of the different types of buyers who may be interested in purchasing an old car that doesn’t work, and how to go about finding them.

Auto Salvage Yards

One of the most common types of buyers for old cars that don’t work is auto salvage yards. These businesses specialize in buying damaged or non-running vehicles and either selling their parts or recycling them for scrap metal. While you may not get a significant amount of money for your old car from an auto salvage yard, it is a good option for those looking to get rid of their vehicle quickly and easily.

Private Buyers

Another option for selling your old car that doesn’t work is to find a private buyer. Private buyers can include individuals looking for a project car, car enthusiasts, or even those looking for parts. You can list your car for sale on online marketplaces. However, it’s important to note that finding a private buyer can be more time-consuming than selling to an auto salvage yard.


Donating your non-working car to a charity is another option to consider. Many charities accept non-running vehicles as donations, and in exchange, you may be eligible for a tax deduction. While you won’t receive cash for your vehicle, donating to a charity can be a rewarding experience.

Scrap Metal Buyers

If you’re looking to get rid of your old car for scrap metal, scrap metal buyers can be a good option. These buyers purchase non-running vehicles to recycle the metal for other uses. While you may not get a lot of money for your vehicle, scrap metal buyers will typically offer more than auto salvage yards.

How to Sell Your Old Car

Now that you know the types of buyers who may be interested in purchasing your old car that doesn’t work, it’s important to know how to sell it. Here are some tips to help you sell your non-running vehicle:

Research the value of your car

Before selling your non-running car, it’s essential to research its value. Factors that can affect the value of your vehicle include its make, model, year, condition, and location.

Get your paperwork in order

Gather all the necessary paperwork for your car, including the title, registration, and any maintenance records. Having your paperwork in order can make the selling process go more smoothly.

Clean out your car

Even if your car doesn’t work, it’s still important to clean it out before selling it. Remove any personal belongings, trash, or debris from the vehicle.

Take good photos

When selling your car online, it’s crucial to take good photos. Make sure to take pictures from multiple angles and highlight any damage or issues with the vehicle.

Be honest about the condition of your car

When selling your non-running vehicle, it’s important to be honest about its condition. This can help you avoid any potential issues or disputes with the buyer.


In conclusion, selling an old car that doesn’t work can be a challenge, but it’s not impossible. Auto salvage yards, private buyers, charities, and scrap metal buyers are all potential options for those looking to get rid of their non-running vehicle. By following the tips outlined in this article, you can increase your chances of selling your old car quickly and for a fair price.