vivo y22 price in pakistan

Vivo Y22 Price in Pakistan: Affordable Luxury for Smartphone Enthusiasts.

Are you looking for a budget-friendly, stylish smartphone that doesn’t compromise performance? Then the Vivo Y22 is the perfect choice for you. This 2020 release offers luxury features such as a 6.35-inch HD+ display, a powerful MediaTek Helio P22 octa-core processor, triple rear cameras and an 8MP selfie shooter. With its long-lasting battery, dual SIM card slots and 4G LTE connectivity, the Vivo Y22 will surely please even the most discerning smartphone enthusiasts. In this article, we’ll explore all of the features that make this phone so desirable, look at its performance capabilities, discuss why it’s a great choice over other smartphones and explain vivo y22 price in pakistan.

Features that Make the Vivo Y22 Desirable

The Vivo Y22 is packed with features that make it an attractive option for smartphone enthusiasts. Its 6.3-inch HD+ display, MediaTek Helio P22 octa-core processor, 4GB RAM and 64GB of internal storage provide an immersive experience, while the triple rear cameras offer stunning visuals and photos. Additionally, with its 4000mAh battery supporting 18W fast charging and dual SIM card slots, users can enjoy a long-lasting performance without compromising connectivity options. The Vivo Y22 runs on Funtouch OS 9.1, based on Android 9 Pie. This allows users to enjoy a smooth and responsive experience and access various Google services such as Google Maps, YouTube, Gmail, and more. The device also has Face Unlock technology, providing an extra layer of security when accessing your phone or apps from the Play Store. Regarding audio quality, the Vivo Y22 has Hi-Fi audio support that lets you listen to music with stereo sound for a truly immersive experience. The phone also has dual microphone noise cancellation technology to enjoy clearer calls even in noisy environments. Plus, the device comes with several preinstalled apps, including WPS Office Suite, Social Networking Platforms (Facebook & Twitter), Music Player (Dolby Atmos), FM Radio App, Flashlight App etc., making it easier to stay connected while away from home or office.


The Vivo Y22 offers a great performance for budget-conscious smartphone enthusiasts. The phone is powered by a MediaTek Helio P22 octa-core processor and 2GB of RAM, making it a great multitasker. It can easily handle multiple apps running at once without stuttering or lagging. The long-lasting 4000mAh battery ensures you can use the phone all day without charging it up mid-way through your day. Plus, the 18W fast charging support will help you get your phone back up and running quickly if needed. Regarding software, the Vivo Y22 runs on Funtouch OS 9.1 based on Android 9 Pie, offering users access to their favourite Google apps and several other preinstalled apps for convenience. Additionally, Face Unlock technology allows you to unlock your device with just a glance quickly. At the same time, dual microphone noise cancellation ensures clear audio during calls or when streaming video or music. Furthermore, the Vivo Y22 supports 4G LTE connectivity for faster download speeds and has two SIM card slots for those who need two numbers in one device.

Overall, the Vivo Y22 is an excellent choice for an affordable yet high-quality smartphone. Its powerful processor and 2GB of RAM make it a great multitasker, while its long-lasting battery ensures you can use it all day. The phone also has the latest version of Android pre-installed, dual SIM card slots, and 4G LTE connectivity for fast download speeds. All this makes the Vivo Y22 an ideal choice for budget-conscious smartphone enthusiasts.


The Vivo Y22 is an excellent choice for an affordable yet high-quality smartphone with plenty of storage options. Its 32GB of internal storage can be easily expanded to 256GB using the microSD card slot, while its dedicated dual-SIM 4G/LTE slot supports up to two SIM cards. The device runs on the Android 10 operating system and is powered by a Qualcomm Snapdragon 450 chipset, and it also supports USB OTG for quick data transfer from other compatible devices. Moreover, its in-built accelerator helps optimize memory usage and improve overall performance – ensuring smooth multitasking without lags or crashes. All these features make the Vivo Y22 one of the best value phones out there. The vivo y22 price in pakistan 6gb ram, 128gb rom  is a little bit expensive. But vivo y22 price in pakistan 4gb ram 64gb rom is less costly. I think you should try this Vivo mobile phone model.


The Vivo Y22 is an excellent choice for smartphone enthusiasts looking for an affordable yet high-quality device. Its camera features are no exception, as it comes with a dual rear camera setup of 13-megapixel and 2-megapixel sensors and an 8-megapixel front-facing camera with AI Beauty Mode. To further enhance your photography experience, the Vivo Y22 also has AI Portrait Framing to adjust the background blur for better portraits, AI Super HDR for brighter and vivid photos even in low light conditions, and AI Scene Detection to automatically adjust the picture settings according to the scene being captured. With its impressive camera features, you can capture stunning images that impress your friends and family. The Vivo Y22 also offers additional tools that make taking photos even easier. It has a Face Recognition feature that allows you to unlock your phone with just a glance of your face, and its Multi-Turbo 3.0 technology provides improved performance with a smoother gaming experience when playing games like PUBG or Asphalt 9: Legends. Additionally, its Fingerprint Unlock feature ensures quick access to all your important documents while keeping them securely stored away from prying eyes.

Reasons to Choose the Vivo Y22 Over Other Smartphones

When searching for a budget-friendly yet high-end smartphone, the Vivo Y22 is an excellent option. Its stylish design and modern aesthetic stand out from other devices in its price range. Plus, powering it all is the MediaTek Helio P22 octa-core processor that won’t slow down over time. The 6.35-inch HD+ display provides a vivid visual experience you can enjoy throughout the day thanks to the long-lasting 4000mAh battery. The Vivo Y22 also features impressive camera capabilities, making it great for photography enthusiasts. There’s a triple rear camera setup with 13MP main lens, 2MP depth lens, and 8MP selfie shooter with built-in AI Beauty Mode, AI Portrait Framing, AI Super HDR and AI Scene Detection for perfect shots every time! And regarding security, you can rely on Face Recognition technology to keep your device secure while allowing easy access with just one glance. In conclusion, if you’re searching for an affordable yet feature-packed smartphone look no further than the Vivo Y22! Its sleek design, powerful performance capabilities backed by long-lasting battery life, and impressive camera features make it perfect for photography lovers and everyday users giving them all they need at a fraction of the cost of luxury models. y22 vivo price is not too expensive, it is an affordable vivo mobiles model.

Where to Buy the Vivo Y22 in Pakistan at the Best Price

The Vivo Y22 is a budget-friendly smartphone that offers luxury features at an affordable price. The device can be purchased in Pakistan from official Vivo stores, distributors, and authorized retailers. Online shoppers can purchase the device from Wise Market Pk. When looking to buy the Vivo Y22 in Pakistan, several factors must be considered to get the best deal. Price is one important factor researching prices before buying will help consumers get the best value. Visit Wise Market Pakistan to buy your mobile phone.


The Vivo Y22 is a great choice for an affordable yet feature-packed smartphone. It offers luxury features such as a 6.35-inch HD+ display, a powerful MediaTek Helio P22 octa-core processor, triple rear cameras, and an 8MP selfie shooter all at a competitive price. With its long-lasting battery and dual SIM card slots, the Vivo Y22 offers customers the perfect balance of affordability and luxury. The Vivo Y22 also comes with 4G LTE connectivity, ensuring that users can stay connected wherever they go. Furthermore, USB OTG support allows hassle-free data transfer and preloaded apps offer added convenience. Overall, the Vivo Y22 is an ideal option for those who want to experience a high-end smartphone without breaking the bank. When buying the Vivo Y22 in Pakistan, customers should always research prices online and purchase from a reputable source that offers quality products and reliable customer service. By doing so, they can get their hands on this budget-friendly yet luxurious smartphone for the best possible price.

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