Top 4 Translation Management Software (TMS)

The internet and availability of digital devices has facilitated global communication to a great extent. But one thing that still prevents us from conveying our messages properly is the language barrier. 

To meet the needs of enterprises, LSPs, or project managers who aim to provide their services internationally, language service provider software is a necessity. These are the linguistic software that allow users to get a contextual translation of another language without losing its essence. 

There’re many TMS software products available in the market that actually help you to keep all your tasks organized and well-maintained in runtime. 

However, choosing the right tool is a task in itself. So, we have hand-picked the top four translation management software and discussed each of them on the ground of their key features and pricing. Let’s begin.

4 Best Translation Management Software

  1. MarsHub

MarsHub is a robust translation management software providing countless useful features for a hassle-free experience. Also, it has a dedicated freelance marketplace that brings all language service providers on the same page while offering full customization to accommodate your project needs. 

Key Features:

  • Customize Workflow: You can modify the workflow while allocating a project to a team member. The software gives you complete control over how you organize and execute your localization assignment. MarsHub gives its users complete control over the environment, allowing them to grow quickly and evaluate their progress.
  • Supplier’s Hub: This feature makes it easy to outsource experienced linguists and vendors at a dedicated marketplace. The process is simple: find a suitable resource, make a deal with them, explain your task’s requirements, and get your work done.
  • Translation Memory: MarsHub maintains a cache system which means your translation projects are saved in the memory that you can retrieve when needed. 
  • Online Translation Editor: MarsHub saves you the effort of moving your translated content for proofreading and editing. The software has a built-in translation editor to help you improve the quality of your text and make it error-free.
  • Manage Multiple Projects Simultaneously: Managing multiple projects at the same time saves you time and effort. Moreover, it speeds up your workflow and allows you to view the progress of all projects in real-time.  


MarsHub comes with 2 plans. 

Basic: free for first 10,000 words

Standard: $25 for Every 10,000 words

  1. Transifex

Next on our list, we have Transifex. It is another popular TMS software with a slightly different build. Moreover, with the help of Transifex, you can centrally manage your source content and translations and build amazing multilingual digital experiences for your users. This also has a few key features that make it suitable TMS software for you. 

Key Features:

  • Tools for quality control: gives search strings, looks up glossaries, and checks translation.
  • Workflow and progress management: This tool is used to plan and carry out the steps that must be taken when working on translations.
  • Localization automation: This involves automating the publishing of translated information as well as providing you with access to tools for automatic translation.
  • Team management: Enabling cooperative localization and directing everyone’s contributions.


Transifex comes with three subscription plans. 

Basic: $70 per month 

Premium: $105 per month 

Enterprise: Custom 

  1. Lokalise

Lokalise is a known name in the industry; it is certainly among the top-rated ones. Do you know what makes it among the best ones? Well, it is empowered with all the key essential features that mostly businesses look for in a  robust TMS. Moreover, this software is mainly known for its translation collaboration capabilities. This, in turn, enables your team to work on translations together without any hassle. 

Key Features:

  • Translation services: You get seamless translation solutions directly from Lokalise.
  • Collaborative translation: Interestingly, multiple translators can work on the same page at runtime. 
  • Localization workflow management: It does allow your team to collaborate more efficiently.
  • Translation quality assurance: Allows you to check automated question answers.
  • Visual editing: Edit and view translation changes directly on your device.
  • Support ticket translation Provides an opportunity to communicate with your customers in their native language.


This specific software comes with five subscription plans:

Start: $120 per month

Essential: $230 per month

Pro: $825 per month

Enterprise: Custom

Free: Free

  1. Smartling

Along with end-to-end web app solutions, the Smartling TMS software is especially made for small to medium-sized businesses and agencies. Additionally, many powerful features are included, making it a robust platform. Some of these features include: project tracking, machine translation, resource management, translation analytics, etc.

Key Features:

  • Workflow management: Using this amazing tool, you can easily engage with translators, change translation parameters, assign people to workflows, and evaluate the efficiency of the entire process.
  • End-to-end translation management: In addition to working on translations, you can utilize Smartling to employ qualified translators, have your work moved out to a production environment, and anything in between.
  • Optimized for any content type: Websites, social media, games, landing pages, virtual reality, and more.
  • Predictive insights Ensures the accuracy and quality of your translated content.
  • Visual editor: Where you can see the changes happening in your website or app in real time as you are editing the translations.


Smartling is available in four subscription plans:

Essential: Free

Pro: $400 per month

Business: $1000 per month

Enterprise: Custom

Summing up, all these are certainly the top TMS software that you can use for a hassle-free, smooth, and easy translation management process. Also, using such tools can actually be a game-changer for you. With their help, you can easily collaborate with other team members on the same platform and improve overall productivity with easy collaboration and effective communication.