The Impact of Motivational Speakers on Pakistan's Youth
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The Impact of Motivational Speakers on Pakistan’s Youth

Motivation plays an important role in an individual’s personal development by fuelling them with the desire to go after their goals and aspirations. Especially in terms of the youth having lofty dreams, a little encouragement and motivation goes a long way. Pakistan has a wide range of motivational speakers from all walks of life, which is a plus point considering the fact that the audiences themselves come from different provinces, ethnicities and financial backgrounds.

The biggest impact of motivational speakers on Pakistan’s youth is that they reduce fear and inconfidence in them. While there is abundant talent in Pakistan, people suffer from a lack of inspiration and need a role model that they can emulate. 

This article will cover the different ways how motivational speakers positively impact the youth of Pakistan and inculcate a productive mindset in them.

5 Ways How Pakistani Motivational Speakers Impact The Youth

  1. Making People Think Outside The Box

While Pakistan suffers from a number of issues, one of the biggest hurdles holding the country back from reaching its fullest potential is the fact that people have sabotaged themselves to restrictive boxes. For instance, from a young age, people are made to think that the only respectable fields are engineering, medical and the military. 

Pakistani motivational speaker such as Fahad Khan inculcate creativity in people’s mindsets by encouraging them to think outside the box and letting them know that any goal is achievable as long as they set their minds to it. Creativity helps the youth own their potential and make magic out of it by developing a mindset that makes it happen.

  1. Teaching The Value Of Both Success And Failure

The biggest hurdle to a person’s potential success is the fear of failure. Failure is not a state of guilt or embarrassment but an opportunity to learn where things went wrong and what can be done in the future to avoid such mishappenings. By teaching the value of failure, motivational speakers simultaneously impart the value of success to their audience. This is because only by going through a process of failures can you understand how pleasurable and euphoric success feels.

  1. Empathizing With Downcast and Depressed People

Since most influential motivational speakers have gone through a phase of hopelessness and struggle in their own lives, they understand how it feels to fear as if the whole universe is plotting against you. They have developed empathy and a sense of understanding for people’s issues, which makes them approachable. Everyone wishes to be understood, heard and validated before being given advice.

  1. Spreading Awareness Regarding Important Social Issues

Motivational speakers play an important role in educating people regarding pressing social issues that are mostly swept under the rug. These include topics such as gender discrimination, religious intolerance, drug abuse, animal abuse, human trafficking, and so on. Motivational speakers bring the attention of people towards these important issues so that the society as a whole can contribute towards making a positive change.

  1. Promoting And Encouraging Entrepreneurship

Some of the top motivational speakers are also promoting entrepreneurship and innovation among the youth in Pakistan. Since unemployment rates are rising and inflation increases are causing people a number of financial problems, motivational speakers are encouraging the youth to start their own businesses so that they have abundant opportunities for monetary prosperity. 


In conclusion, motivational speakers play an active role in improving the mindset of the youth by helping them find the silver lining in every negative situation and adopting a proactive attitude to every problem. While problems can get overwhelming, there is always a way out of them. By seeing opportunities of growth and learning in every hardship, the youth become well-equipped with the mindset they need to contribute amazing things for Pakistan’s prosperity.