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Original Escape Room Theme Ideas You Can Use Right Now 

The world of escape rooms continues to evolve, unfolding in its bounty many unique and exciting escape room game themes. In one game, you may find yourself stuck in prison, while in another, you may find yourself saving the world from an alien attack. While playing any of these immersive escape room games, players will step into the shoes of an unknown character and play their role to escape in time. 

You can choose from various The Escape Game Irvine while designing your escape room game. From horror-themed escape rooms to fantasy-themed games and more, nearly countless options are available. In this article, we have compiled some top-notch escape room theme ideas that you can use to curate an original escape room game. So, check it out: 

Chornobyl – The Nuclear Disaster  

It is a recently released miniseries by HBO which accorded the highest-ever ratings for a TV show on IMDB. You can base your escape room game on the shocking incident of the Chornobyl nuclear disaster and curate puzzles and riddles inspired by it.  

You can start the game with the players locked inside the control room, present right in the heart of nuclear reactor No. 4 in Chornobyl. Players will have about an hour to solve the tricky challenges and make their escape in time. But to accomplish their mission, they must follow the instructions and solve the tricky mathematical riddles and puzzles.  

Further, you may even incorporate suspenseful elements like a sudden power cut or even sounds of alarms to make the ambiance more intriguing the usual.  

The Cine Magic  

Just as the name suggests, this escape room game theme is based on the world of cinema. The main objective for players in this escape room game is to complete shooting a film before the deadline.  

They must start initially by choosing a suitable genre for their

. After that, players need to divide themselves into respective departments and divide their tasks. Someone can play the director, while someone else becomes the writer, camera operator, or even actor.  

Let your production commence with the word “Action”! The different clues you discover in the game can lead to breaks in the script, after which your team will shoot the scene and edit it. In this way, players must complete the entire production before the studio shuts it down completely. 


Jailbreak can be a typical escape room game scenario designed by different escape room ventures in different ways. But here’s an unthought-of way to organize your jailbreak escape room game scenario: start by locking up players in doubles or singles in separate cells.  

Hence, each player will need to escape their cells first before they play the rest of the game together. You can add ropes and chains and make the entire escape room game scenario more thrilling and exciting for your players! In this way, the escape game will call for players to demonstrate their skillset, as they must escape their cells by themselves.  

You can give vent to your imagination and creativity in designing the escape room game scenario and use immersive audio and light effects to make things creepy! The jailbreak game scenario can become life-like by incorporating abandoned-looking realistic sets, spider webs, fake rats, and maybe insects running around! 

Gangster Squad 

You may have watched quite a few movies based on an Italian mafia or maybe a gangster squad. Now, it is time for you to turn all those into an inspiration to design your unique and immersive escape room game adventure.  

Through your mystery room game, you can transport players into the dark world of gangsters, thriving in their exciting world. You can divide your entire escape room into four sections. Inside each area, you can design different cars’ front and back seats from the gangster era.  

Teams can move from vehicle to vehicle as they remain in pursuit by cops and angry locals. You can use a few TV screens in your rooms to offer the feel of the surrounding ambiance, as they showcase weather changes and day or night variables.  

Alice in Wonderland 

The classical magical world of Alice in Wonderland is a popular theme for designing escape room games. You can offer your players a unique experience in the escape game as they step into the fantastical world of Alice. While creating the game, you can take the help of sensory mirrors, colors, and enigmatic lighting effects to offer an experience like never before.  

You may even use mundane objects of your everyday life positioned upside down to decorate the game room. You can even use optical illusion to design the space, with each object containing clues and challenges. The aim of the game may be for players to find and reach the Queen of Hearts and rescue her.  

However, players must decipher mysterious messages and collect different magical items to do that. You may even dress up players in funny costumes and make-up to further elevate the entire gaming experience! 

Now, these are some top-notch escape room theme ideas that you may choose from to design and curate your original escape room experience. So, which of these will you choose?