How To Draw An Ax

How To Draw An Ax

How to draw an ax. An ax is a simple but effective tool, useful in various situations. It could be used to chop wood for a fireplace or even in extreme survival situations. No matter the usage, they can also come in different shapes and sizes to meet various needs and purposes. If you want to design the perfect hatchet, learning how to draw one is a great way.

You’ve arrived at the right position if that’s your goal! Our step-by-step guide on how to draw an ax will show you how. You can draw many more characters like drawing ideas cute, Anubis drawing, cat drawing, cobra drawing, blueberry drawing, coconut drawing and many more drawing for kids.

Step 1:

We’ll start with the ax blade for this guide on how to draw an axe. We will use curved and straight lines to outline the leaf. The edge to which the wood will be attached will be slightly curved, while the others will be slightly more curved. We will even draw a little notch on the sharp side of the knife. We’ll leave the bottom of the blade open for now, as we’ll add more detail to this part later. Talking of which, when you’re prepared, we can carry on!

Step 2:

An ax would be impractical and little more than a pointed paperweight without a handle. That’s why we’ll add a nice handle in this next step of drawing your axe. The handle has a rather specific shape, so you must look carefully at the picture while drawing. The neck will be drawn with a fairly curved line, as we want it to be more than just a straight piece of wood. The part that joins the base of the blade will be a bit wider, then get narrower and narrower as it goes down. Finally, the bottom of the handle will also be rounded.

Step 3:

This third step of our guide to drawing an ax will allow you to finish the outline of the ax blade. To do this, extend another curved line from the left side of the base of the blade to the cutting edge on the right side. The metal part of the ax will have the handle attached, and you can draw a narrow shape at the top of the blade so that the top of the handle sticks out. This will complete the outline of the whole axe, and in the next steps, we can start with the finer details.

Step 4:

As mentioned in the previous step of drawing your axe, we will add some details to the ax in this next step. These details will be small and simple, making the ax look more realistic. First, mark a line near the pointed tip of the blade, almost but not quite feeling the neck of the edge you drew. There will even be a straight line around the back edge of the blade for another subtle point. Finally, draw a slightly curved line near the middle of the handle, as this will show where the wood and handle cover begin and end. You can draw a small circle about the end of the handle to achieve this step. Then it’s time to count some last details in the following manual step!

Step 5:

It’s almost time to add colors to your image, but first, we must wrap up the final details in this step of our how-to-draw an ax guide. Again, these details should be simple but effective! Start by drawing a curved, angled line on the ax blade. You can then draw a bit on the top half of the handle to show the grain of the wood it is made of. Once these details are drawn, you are good to go! Before doing so, add some additional details and additions. You can draw the ax on a table with other pieces of equipment you will use it with. What additional backgrounds or details can you add to take it to the next level?

Step 6:

You’ve reached the final stage of your hatchet drawing, and in this one, you might end up with some amazing colors! In our reference image, we used a dark gray for the blade and left a tip of a very light gray. We used a variety of lighter browns for the wooden section of the blade, then finished with reds for the covered portion of the handle. These would be our shade options, but these are only hints! You can use any additional colors you like, then have fun choosing the art media and tools you’ll use to make them. Be sure to have fun and see what happens!

Finished Drawing!