Draw A Bubble Letter T

How to Draw A Bubble Letter T Easily

How to Draw A Bubble Letter T. T is the 20th note of the alphabet, and it’s great! We often use it in our everyday language, so it is important to learn how to spell it.

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Learning to spell it can be easy since the uppercase and lowercase versions are similar, but we’re here to take it further.

Letters might look boring just seeing them written, but you can make them funnier! In this guide, we will see how you can bubble a letter T to make that letter even more exciting!

To do this, we will follow 6 simple steps to show you how to create this fun bubble letter yourself. We’ll also see how you can color it.

Finally, we’ll give you some ideas to get you started while making it even better. So let’s start with step 1!

How to Draw A Bubble Letter T

Step 1

In this guide, we’ll focus on the capital letter T. It’s a simple letter with a tall vertical line and a shorter horizontal line above it.

However, you can draw these lines as you normally would when writing the letter in preparation for when we start drawing the bubble version.

While it’s not a particularly complicated letter to draw, this rough plan for the shape can only help you, so try it if you think it might help.

Once you’re ready to begin, let’s draw the letter’s first line. As you can notice in our contact image, let’s draw it piece by piece.

For now, we will draw a small curved line at the base of the letter. We make it rounded instead of straight because we want it to look like a bubble.

Once this curved line is drawn, we can start the second step of the tutorial.

Step 2

Now we extend the line from the first pass up. This creates the left side of the column that the T sits on, which will be much longer than the first line.

The most important part of drawing longer lines like this is keeping them nice and smooth. Your hand may tremble when you draw longer lines, so go slowly.

The line should connect to the first connection as smoothly as possible, and if you pull them all at once, they can connect better.

However you tighten these two stripes, we can add the top of the T in the next step, so here we go!

Step 3

As mentioned in the previous guide step, this covers the top beginning of the letter T. This is done with another smaller curved stripe.

It will attach directly to the post we drew in the first two steps, and now we will only draw half of it.

You’ll now see your letter T bubble shape, even if you’ve never penciled it.

In the next step of the tutorial, we’ll finish the outline of the T so we can add some interior details.

Step 4

We will rebuild everything you did in the previous steps, but all at once. Also, these parts will be drawn as a mirror image of what you drew before.

You can redo the first few steps if you need a refresher, but you’ll have to draw them in the opposite direction.

Repeating it step by step, first, we will add more curved lines for the top of the T, which will be rounded like the previous side.

Next, we draw the pillar with another long, slightly curved line. Your letter structure is now complete!

Before adding the interior details in the next step, refine the outlines to look nice and smooth.

You can also delete any existing pencil planning, as we will no longer use it to create the drawing from this point forward. We can do step 5 to make this flat letter T look more like a bubble.

Step 5

The main goal of this step is to take your flat letter T and make it look more like a bubble or balloon. This sounds harder than it is, and we’ll show you how easy it can be.

First, we will make the letter look like it’s made out of some material by making it look reflective. You can do this by adding a few small ovals to the top of the letter.

This is where we decided to place these ovals, but feel free to place them in other areas of the T if you prefer. Next, let’s add some volume to the T.

We’ve added some lines to the inner contours, as it looks like it’s made out of stretchy material. You can also place these lines in other places.

It’s entirely up to you; there are so many fun ways to customize it! We’ll color the T in the next step, but consider how you might want to add your touch.

After Step 6, let’s look at some more ideas you could use to make it more unique.

Step 6

It’s time for the last step of the tutorial, and in this one, we’ll add some color to your drawing! This is a great time to have fun with color, and you can put your spin on things.

First, we’ll use the colors we chose for our example to show you one way to do this. We’ve gone with a brown color scheme for our version, but that doesn’t mean we’ve just stuck to one color.

We varied the shades from darkest to lightest to show how light would affect the letter T if it were a physical object.

You can achieve a similar effect with your design no matter what color or colors you choose. We recommend using one of your favorites to bring it to life!

You can even create a rainbow effect by adding many colors, shapes, or patterns to your image. So you have successfully created your letter T bubble!

Before we wrap up this guide, we have a few more ideas for you.

Your Bubble Letter T Drawing is Finished!