History of Automobiles and their upgrades

Automobiles were invented many years ago, and today they are being improved in the modern world. Today I am going talk about three different timelines of cars.

  • Primitive times 

Automobiles were invented millions of years ago. When a caveman saw a circled shape rock rolling down from a cliff, he started thinking, and after some days, he made a hand-drawn cart with the help of two round-shaped stones and some wood. Afterward, they started using that cart to move their belongings from here to there. We also know them by the name of bullock carts and hand-drawn carts. After that, automobiles kept on developing.

  • Modern time

Automobiles have developed a lot in the modern world. It is used all over the world to travel and transport heavy loads. Today we know automobiles by many different names like trains, cars, garbage trucks, ambulances, bikes, etc., and they are all used for various purposes. Here is a proper explanation of these vehicles.

  • Train – Trains are used to travel and transport heavy goods to their destinations as quickly as possible. There are almost 10-12 bogies in the train so that more and more people can travel.
  • Car – A car is also a traveling vehicle used by small families to reach remote destinations. It has 5-6 seats generally for a family trip.
  • Garbage truck – A garbage truck is used for trash transportation. It is usually more significant than a car so that they can transport tons of trash.  
  • Ambulance – Ambulances are used in hospitals to bring patients to the hospital at the right time. So that the doctors can save the patient from danger on time. It is also more extensive than a car, so they carry 2-3 patients at once, and also ambulances have some tools are already installed so they can protect patients on the spot from a major disaster.
  • Bikes – Bikes are smaller than a car. It is used to reach remote destinations like 40-50 km, and a maximum of two people can travel on it.


All these are run with the help of petrol and diesel. Those release very harmful gases, which are very dangerous for the environment. New technology has come to fix this thing called Electric Vehicle, and her creator name is Elon musk. Many people’s like Elon musk try to protect our interment. 

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