Five Things to Know About Navis One’s Super Yacht Charter Turkey Cruise Ship

The opulence of Navis One’s Super Yacht Charter Turkey Cruise Ship is unparalleled. From its staterooms to its expansive salons, nothing is lacking in terms of luxury and refinement.

Take a voyage on one of the world’s most luxurious yachts – Navis One boasts over 30 decks and two swimming pools for aquatic relaxation! Designed for maximum fun and adventure, this vessel offers adventures galore such as sightseeing excursions to nearby destinations as well as thrilling activities such as scuba diving or surfing. With multiple dining experiences available as well as entertainment options that cater to any taste, there will be plenty going on during your stay!

The awe-inspiring features of Navis One are enough to captivate even the most discerning travelers; but with an array of additional benefits that come along with chartering from Navis Yachting, it’s easy to see why so many choose this yacht charter company time after time!

Navis One’s Super Yacht Charter Fleet

One of the key perks of chartering a super yacht is that its size and configuration will be a perfect fit for your needs. Navis One currently boasts a total of five vessels in their fleet:

Cadiz: This 47-metre vessel accommodates up to 12 guests in eight opulent staterooms with a master suite boasting residing space, lounge area and en-suite bathroom. In addition, it provides ample deck space as well as an impressive dining table which can accommodate up to 24 guests!

Istanbul: The villa-shaped yacht is ideal for groups seeking privacy and tranquility; accommodating a maximum of 14 passengers within three suites along with luxurious bathrooms featuring expansive showers for relaxing afternoons at sea. To complete the experience one may select from either a dedicated chef or have access to onboard catering options.

Navis One Charter Fleet

Navis one, the world’s first megayacht, was the crowning achievement in the Navis One construction program. With a length of 212 feet and breadth of 82.2 ft, this luxurious vessel boasts 4 levels of opulence – from queen-size accommodations to a gymnasium with cardiovascular equipment for its Gentle Sea Spa offering!

This majestic creation is comprised of over 200 bespoke Nauta designs that have been selected by its owner, Turkish businessman Atilla Örnek. Navis One was launched in December 2016 at an event attended by several high-profile guests, including James Cameron and Angelina Jolie. Within a year of construction, she set sail on her maiden voyage across the Atlantic Ocean – becoming the first ever megayacht to circumnavigate during Spring 2019!

Navis One took the nation by storm when it emerged as Turkey’s largest yacht to date. It boasted a spacious interior and striking exterior design – creating quite an appearance as she plied the waters of the Aegean Sea on her inaugural cruise…

Super Yacht Charter on the Mediterranean

Navis One is a captivating vessel, befitting its regal moniker; she’s an opulent craft reminiscent of a luxury yacht. Still, this nautical chariot isn’t limited to the Mediterranean Sea – rather, it can also be found among other favored destinations such as the Aegean Sea and Black Sea regions!

With 24-hour availability and daylong cruising options available, Navis One offers expeditions across the Turkish coast with unparalleled vistas of immaculate beaches, towering cliffs and idyllic coves ahead. If you prefer supreme privacy and serenity on board ship, then we have multiple options for you – from luxurious cabins for single travelers or suites for married couples; all accompanied by outstanding hospitality services!

Cruise Ship on a Navis One Charter to Turkey

Navis One is renowned for its opulence and extravagance, bringing together two of life’s most pleasurable pursuits: indulgence and exploration.

For a leisurely cruise, consider Turkey as your destination. Discover the glories of Istanbul before exploring its captivating Topkapı Palace or taking in the splendor of Ephesus – while also discovering other historic sites along the way.

Navis One Cruises on the Adriatic

Navis One’s itineraries are not limited to the Mediterranean; this particular vessel can be found sailing within the Adriatic Coastline as well.

The voyage starts at Split, Croatia and finishes in Venice, Italy; here you’ll have ample time to enjoy your surroundings while sipping on delightful refreshments aboard!

Turkish Festivities on a Navis One Superyacht Charter

Though summer may be waning, that does not preclude the possibility of indulging in a lively celebration – especially when it comes to its significance in Turkey.

Though Hemdon was created for the sole purpose of providing guests with an unforgettable five-night Mediterranean cruise aboard Navis One Yacht, its lavish facilities will allow you ample opportunity for revelry on board.

For a more festive experience, Navis One’s expansive salons offer an array of activities and performances with regard to music, theater arts and culinary delights.

Unleash your inner party animal with any combination of these options:

The Turkish Nightlife Mixer is an invigorating way to shake things up as you’re introduced to different cultures’ traditions through fun activities. You’ll enjoy captivating performances by renowned vocalists alongside amusing skits and raucous dancing all culminating in a spectacular finale!

Bunyol Festival is a chance to immerse yourself in one of Turkey’s most beloved traditions this June – the annual festival dedicated to St. John the Baptist. Attending this event will provide guests with ample opportunities for festive music and revelry alongside some tasty treats; a must-do if you’re traveling within this famed region!

Reservations and Inquiries: N-Accommodations

Be sure to let them know that you want Navis One; they’ll be able to provide additional information regarding its customization options and character Hôtel needs.

When inquiring about Navis One Super Yacht Charter Turkey, ensure that all particulars are correct. In order to ensure we provide an accurate quote for your voyage, it’s vital that you provide as much information as possible; such as:

· Length of the trip

· Type of yacht – whether it is an ocean-going vessel or a pleasure craft

· If a particular sailing date best suits your schedule

· Budget limitations – what level of extravagance do you desire? As well as other factors like length of required stay and any applicable taxes

Masterfully crafted from premium materials and boasting several distinguishing design traits, Navis One is both strikingly unique and captivatingly luminous.


Navis One’s Super Yacht Charter Turkey Cruise Ship is an ideal choice for those seeking exhilarating voyages into the Mediterranean. With a six-star hotel on board and five-star dining facilities, this vessel provides a truly memorable experience!

For more information on Navis One’s Super Yacht Charter Turkey Cruise Ship, or to inquire about chartering one of our vessels, please do not hesitate to contact us.

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