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Do I need IELTS for Canada immigration?

One of the four language exams that the Canadian government accepts for immigration is the IELTS. The other three are the Test of French Proficiency for Canada (TCF Canada), the Test of English Evaluation of French (TEF), and the Canadian English Language Proficiency Index Programme (CELPIP). Although additional CELPIP test facilities have opened abroad, the majority of CELPIP exams are still given within Canada, and the TCF and TEF are exclusively used to gauge French proficiency.

Canada has created an equivalence scoring system for the various tests in light of the fact that there are four languages exams that it recognises for immigration reasons and that each exam has unique results and marking procedures. who take various exams, occasionally in many languages, can be compared and ranked fairly.IELTS for Canadian immigration: Key Express Entry requirements

As you can see, the criteria for joining the pool differ for candidates who are FSW, FST, and CEC, respectively. The Comprehensive Ranking System, or CRS, is the points system that is used to rank all applicants once they are in the pool.

For the’skills transferability’ elements of the CRS, language proficiency is coupled independently with educational attainment and work experience earned outside of Canada. These combinations offer a maximum of 100 CRS points. In addition to the points earned for enhancing language proficiency under the human capital criteria, these additional points are awarded.

Reaching CLB 9 is crucial. The candidate’s chances for immigration to Canada might be made or broken by reaching CLB 9.

Let’s use a fictitious instance to illustrate this. The pool of candidates includes John. He had demonstrated English proficiency at the CLB 8 level at the time of acceptance into the pool, which is equivalent to IELTS scores of 6.5 overall and 7.5 in speaking, reading, and writing. He has three years of job experience outside of Canada, a Master’s degree, and he is thirty years old. He has no Canadian family members, no employment offer, and no provincial nomination. His initial CRS score as a result was 382. He did, however, retake the IELTS exam and achieved slight advancements in each of the four skills, raising his scores to the equivalent of a CLB 9 in the test. His performance in all four was the equivalent as CLB 9. His final score rose to an impressive 464 CRS points as a result! A score like this is frequently sufficient to secure an ITA in an Express Entry draw.Candidates who joined the pool with IELTS scores equivalent to CLB 8 or lower can increase their CRS score incrementally if they can demonstrate language proficiency advances after retaking the test.

The ‘first advanced’ level, or CLB 9, on the other hand, can result in something unique.

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Yet, these aren’t the only expenses connected with the full procedure. Many additional expenses also need to be considered. 

Expense of a language proficiency test (Rs. 15,500)

The IELTS (International English Language Testing System) is by far the most popular test of language ability.

Several techniques are used to test both spoken and written English. IELTS scores are accepted by the majority of English-speaking nations, making it simple to reuse them for numerous immigration procedures in various nations.

IELTS testing is now priced in India at Rs 15,500. You can choose the test date and location once you’ve paid the application cost.

The test is run four times each month. One month prior to the test date, we advise you to confirm the test location and time; otherwise, there may not be any seats available.

Expense of Medical Tests (Rs 5,500)

Doctors on the panel must provide medical certificates. Simply put, panel physicians are medical professionals who have been approved by the IRCC to issue medical certifications for The panel doctors from whom you can obtain a medical certificate are listed below. The medical report given to ‌ Canadian doctors will be used to make the ultimate decision on your health status.

A medical certificate from one of the panel doctors costs Rs. 5,500.

Police Clearance Document (Rs 1000)

You must present a police clearance certificate to the immigration authorities whether or not you have a criminal record. You can easily obtain this certificate from the police station in the neighbourhood where you are now living. A PCC confirms that you have never had a criminal record. If you had a criminal history, you can explain why you were convicted.

How much it will cost to get a police clearance

A police clearance certificate is priced at Rs. 1000.

Evidence of funds

You must demonstrate that you have the necessary finances to maintain yourself and any accompanying family members while you are living in Canada in addition to paying the Canada PR processing cost from India.