Creating A Clan: Everything You Need to Know

When it comes to gaming, clans are very useful. To be able to enjoy a game more and practice working together with others to complete different challenges and tasks. Probably you are wondering how clan work and how to create one.

Here is all that you need to know as far as creating a clan is concerned.

Creating a clam is not hard at all. Different gaming sites have different requirements when it comes to creating accounts. Typically, most of these sites will require you to have a kind of premium account or membership to create a given clan.

In most cases, the player who creates a particular clan becomes the leader of that given clan. After that, the leader has the capacity and power to promote any clan member to help in managing that clan.

Any player can be promoted – it doesn’t matter whether you have a premium account or just a regular account.

On many sites, there will be different types of clans. There will be casual ones and the level clans. So, what’s the difference between the two?

Casual clans are typically meant for fun and don’t specifically focus on any given goal or level. You can play casual type games with friends and family, especially when trying to understand the game together. On the other hand, level clans will aim at a given specific level.

So, how do you create a clan?

How to Set a Name, Tagline and an Image

When creating a clan, the first step is to create a unique name and to upload a custom image for your respective clan. In most cases, when creating an account, square images will work the best. However, most clans will allow you to crop your photo.

When writing the tagline, make it short, exciting and a fun motto. This will work best when trying to attract specific players to your clan. For example, if you come from a given state, say California, and you want to attract players from your state, then you can try to include something like CA or California in your tagline.

When a player from area searches using those keywords, then your clan will appear in the top results. Adding your area in the tagline will help you recruit more local players if that’s what you are looking for then, use this to get some great team name ideas.

Choosing The Goal of Your Clan Some sites will allow you to choose the level goal for your clan. In this case, you will be required to come up with the right clan depending on the time and effort your team members can commit to the specific game. You can specify the ultimate level for your clan. For every group challenge, each member of your clan will be required to complete particular tasks.