5 Google Courses That Will Boost Your Career in 2023

Our professional lives often revolve around learning new things, promotions, and appraisals. While promotions and appraisals are in the hands of your employer, garnering new changes and updates in your field of work can take you to the next level. If you are working in the field of technology, then you have to stay updated with anything and everything. While staying updated is one thing, another thing revolves around polishing your skills. A lucrative way to do this is with the help of certification courses. Google offers several free and paid certification courses through its own learning platforms and third-party providers. Their goal is to help people build job-ready skills to start a career in the tech industry. In yet another blog, Cybertech is here to tell you what Google courses are and will suggest five fantastic blogs that can give you an edge in your field. So let’s get started.

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What are Google Courses?

Google courses or Google certifications are 100% free or paid online certificates meaning that you can complete the courses online without having to attend a classroom in person. Google courses are designed and built by experts working at Google. Some certifications are delivered by Google online training platforms (Google Skillshop, Google Digital Garage, Grow with Google), and others by external e-learning providers. The Google courses or certifications are grouped into three main categories:

  1. Google Career Certifications

These are professional certifications related to IT support, Data Analytics, Project Management, UX Design, and Android Development. Google career certifications are paid for and delivered by Coursera.

  1. Google Digital Marketing Certifications 

These are free and paid certifications delivered by Google Digital Garage and Coursera. These courses cover various topics, including online marketing, social media marketing, cloud training, SEO, email marketing, machine learning courses, and more.

  1. Google Product Certifications

These are free training courses (with certifications) related to Google products. The most popular are Google Ads certifications and Google Analytics. Courses and certifications are delivered by Google Skillshop.

Five Fabulous Career-altering Google Courses for 2023

Given the plethora of career-altering courses available online, it is very difficult to choose the ones that will actually benefit you. So, to ease your burden, we have made a comprehensive list of Google courses for 2023 that can get you an edge over others in your profession. Check out the list here:

  1. For Digital Marketing.

One of the most popular Google courses is “Fundamentals of Digital Marketing”. This is considered by many experts as one of the best digital marketing courses. It’s a free course that includes 26 modules created by Google trainers. Upon completion of the lessons, you can take an exam and earn a digital marketing certificate. The certificate is accredited by the Open University and IABE Europe, and it’s the official Google Digital Marketing Certification. It’s a certification course aimed at beginners, and the total time investment is 40 hours. To get certified, you must complete all 26 modules and pass the Google garage exam (40 questions, multiple-choice). But why should you opt for this course? Well, one should consider studying for this certification if one wants to pursue a career in digital marketing. By taking this course, you’ll build the necessary skills to work with various digital marketing channels, including content marketing, display advertising, e-commerce marketing, e-mail marketing, mobile marketing, and online marketing strategy. Post-completion, one is preferred for the job profiles of digital marketing manager and digital marketing specialist if one completes this reputed course. Depending on the work experience you have and the job position being offered, the pay is really good here.

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