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4 Best Picks of Eco-Friendly Tiles for Your Kitchen

Appearance is the only reality when it comes to decorating your smart and modern home with innovative items and especially if it is your kitchen, a stylish and functional approach champions over everything else. Since the kitchen is a vital part of any home, why don’t we utilise every inch of it? So here comes in this blog, the avant-garde kitchen tiles ideas to amp up the kitchen space.

When it comes to designing your kitchen space, there are a plethora of aspects to be taken into consideration. From tiles to colour schemes and wall designs, a modern kitchen is more than it seems.

But if you consider it from the perspective of functionality, kitchen tiles are the best options to spruce up the entire look of the kitchen and to get rid of those stubborn stains in the walls. Just imagine the hassle of cleaning the oily stains and grease every day from the kitchen walls.

It’s wearisome, right? No worries, you wouldn’t have to probably get into this drudgery every day when the eco-friendly tiles options are there.

Introduction to the significance of eco-friendly tiles

As the human race is becoming more conscious about the impact of their living on the planet and the communities, green choices of tiles are rapidly coming into existence. Over the recent decades, the concept of sustainable building materials and the trend of green buildings are booming. And this trend is more or less turning us into a better version of ourselves as inhabitants of this earth.

As per a report by Allied Market Research, the market of eco-friendly tiles is projected to reach $37,753 million in 2023. If you think pragmatically, eco-friendly tiles always have a basket full of perks to beef up the value of your kitchen. Let’s dive into the pointers below to pinpoint the exact significance of these eco-friendly options.

  • Low maintenance charges-

No matter how much resources you are willing to put into the act of interior designing or styling your kitchen, no one likes exorbitant costs. And the distress heightens when traditional tiling counterparts fail to aid in saving your money. Fortunately, sustainable tiles options are there to save your expenses and in turn, the environment will always depict its gratitude towards you. Sustainable kitchen tiles are manufactured in such a manner that you need not spend more on cleaning methods and others.

  • High durability-

In comparison to the traditional tile offerings, sustainable tiles are more durable and the life cycle of these tiles is usually longer. On a contrary note, sustainable tiles are made up of natural materials and we can vouch for the fact that they are not going to harm the environment anyway.

  • Less amount of energy consumption-

Being manufactured from natural materials, sustainable tiles can effectively axe the expenses associated with greenhouse gas consumption, reduced usage of water and decreased amount of production waste. Switch to the sustainable tile options now to bid adieu to the extra expenses on the bills of power and others.

  • Non-porous-

Besides durability, low maintenance and other aspects, sustainable kitchen tiles are non-porous. Hence, you can expect that the tiles in your kitchen space would not become susceptible to the invasion of bacteria and mold.

Five green tiling options for your modern kitchen

Beyond the durability and other perks, sustainable tiles are trendy nowadays that you can hardly ignore. Your hunt for the best sustainable kitchen tiles ceases here with the best-selling sustainable tiles mentioned below.

  • Terrazzo Tiles-

Looking for the most low-cost tiles for your kitchen with a gorgeous touch in it? No worries, now you have the trendy terrazzo tiles with you to fulfil your versatile requirements. Plus, these tiles are made up of scraps of eco-friendly items like quartz, granite, marble and others. To add a subtle yet sophisticated Italian charm to your kitchen, look no further than Terrazzo Tiles.

  • Hardwood Tiles-

Hardwood or wooden look is always the priority of interior professionals and over the decades, it has remained to be a cult favourite option. And when it comes to hardwood finish tiles in your kitchen space, always remember that it is one of the best natural resources, without any toxic elements in it.

  • Ceramic Tiles-

Despite being sustainable, hardwood tiling may intensify your hassle of managing the dirt and grease in the kitchen walls. So, if you want to replicate the wooden finish, ceramic kitchen tiles can be the best option. Be it a residential kitchen or your commercial kitchen space, ceramic tiles are always eminent for their ability to lend an urban charm. Be it magazines of interior design or social media platforms, ceramic tiles have their separate fan base due to their classy appeal and polished smooth look.

  • Concrete Tiles-

Whether it is your kitchen in the new home or a commercial space, there you have a wealth of alternatives to choose from. And concrete tiles are something known for their extreme durability and sheer natural beauty, in conjunction with natural ingredients.

Final Thoughts

No matter how much resources you are spending on furnishing and decorating your kitchen space, if you fail to create a positive impact in the community it will end up causing your harm. But sustainable tiles in Melbourne can be the feasible choice for your kitchen space. Like to learn more about kitchen tiling options? Don’t hesitate to reach the authentic tile titans of Melbourne.